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DAC Diary: The Rescuers :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 4 2 Favorite Types of Characters Meme :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 11 5 Want to have :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 7 5 A great calming method :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 7 1 Lousy Live Action: Suicide Squad :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 10 6 Animated Atrocities: The Killing Joke(First 30 mi) :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 7 3 1001 Animations: Lil Miss Rarity :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 6 0 Animated Atrocities: Racist Mario :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 13 19 Animated Atrocities: Double Rainboom :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 8 7 Animated Atrocities: Tommy's First Birthday :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 7 40 Batman: The Animated Series Scoreboard :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 8 3 Derp, Batman! :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 6 3 Animated Atrocities: Rarity's New Patterns :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 8 4 Animated Atrocities: Dusk's Dawn :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 10 5 1001 Animations: 11 Louds a Leapin' :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 18 13 Lovely Live Action: Doctor Strange :iconpowerpuffpony1:PowerpuffPony1 10 2


The Relationship between Lincoln and his Sisters
This is something I’ve been debating on doing for a while. As most people in the Loud House Fandom know; there are constant claims that Lincoln is abused by his sisters, who are some of the nastiest people in the world. So, I’ve decided to take a closer look at the episodes that have currently aired to see how many of them involved them being mean to Lincoln and other times where they were nice to him. I will do two lists: one for the nice times and another for the mean times. Now I know this can be a pretty controversial opinion, so I made a few rules for my rankings.
1) An episode will be disqualified if Lincoln does something wrong, and his punishment does not exceed the crime.
2) The Lincoln torture can’t come from other characters (i.e. The Green House.)
3) Episodes will not be on the list if the fighting is every Loud for themselves (like the Sweet Spot.) It can only make the list if the sisters gain up on Lincoln.
4) The episodes on each list do not reflect my
:iconironraphra:IronRaphRa 8 5
trixie and starlight glimmer :iconmauroz:mauroz 975 137 1001 Animations Samurai Jack :icondoctor-of-w:Doctor-of-W 5 1 Rarity and the lil' pup :iconuotapo:uotapo 1,811 262 GF - Attack of the 50 Foot Amazonian Slacker :icondeadsnesproject88:DeadSNESproject88 20 2 Character Comparison - Comic Relief Turned Lead :iconmercury-ami:Mercury-Ami 3 4 Assy McGee :iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 1 0
First Impressions: Ben Ten
So I just got word of a 5TH spinoff for Ben Ten! And I figured if Cartoon Network thinks it's good enough for 5 spinoffs, surely the original might be interesting. I never saw Ben 10 before in all honesty. So I thought that I would give it a shot.
The pilot was good. And that's the only episode so far I watched. Some of the jokes were REALLY CHEESY! But I hope that's not a continuous thing. I like the 3 monsters (or is it 4?) that Ben turns into.
I don't get yet who the aliens are and why Ben has a limited time but I'm sure I'll know more when I watch more of this show. This came out in 2005. It does seem to be action packed. Also, Ben got pulled aside at the beginning but it never went anywhere for some reason.
But why again does it have 5 spinoffs across 2 decades?
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. ;)
Oh and apparently The Nutshack is 10 years old today. =p
:iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 1 0
Mr. Enter's Notebook: Two Minutes to Paradise :iconmrenter:MrEnter 51 30
My Summer Plans
Hey-o! It's the man himself, Darko, and I thought I'd share my summer plans to you guys. They sound fun if you ask me, so here goes nothing:
Move my rear end out of Chicago and relocate myself to a nearby town that :iconmikethehuman113: is residing in. I'd love to get to know him better and become friends with him in real life, but I might die of shyness.Find some movies to review. Feel free to hop on the hype train. ;)In order, go on vacation to Texas, Colorado, Ireland, and Serbia. There's a chance that I'm going to suffer from jet lag, but at least the trips will be worth it. After all, my brother is supposed to move to Texas next month, and I'm looking forward to visiting him in the craziest southern state.Hike at Mount Evans. Yep, I said it.Cope with living alone. I could invite friends over every once in a while, but if that fails, then I guess I'll just adopt a guinea pig.Try not to die.Go to Six Flags Great America.Try not to die... oh wait, did I already say that? Allow me to
:iconsolanumlycopersicum:SolanumLycopersicum 2 11
A Satire II: The Secret of the Ooze
**DISCLAIMER** This is solely a parody intended for comedy and criticism of the subject. I mean no ill will upon the subject of the following post and I don't want anyone on this website harassing him or tagging him in this and then pointing to me and saying, "well, he started it". Again, I mean no ill will on anyone here. I just want to make you laugh. Okay? Okay. 
MikeTheHuman113: You know, there's this really great episode of The Loud House involving Lucy, if you're curious.
RIPizza: Oh yeah? What's it called? I'll look it up on Kisscartoon.
MikeTheHuman113: "Back in Black". It's really good. Lucy gets a makeover and shit and it's adorable. I'm positive you'd like it.
RIPizza: I can't find it, what episode number is it? 
MikeTheHuman113: It should be located between "The Whole Picture" and "Brawl in the Family".
Patrickveteranplz2: #shutupaboutbrawlinthefamily
MikeTheHuman113: What? No, I was just mentioning where the episode she was looking for is located-
:iconmikethehuman113:MikeTheHuman113 6 33
Lyra gets bullied :iconkabutopsthebadd:Kabutopsthebadd 8 175 Stampede! :iconbearquarter2008:Bearquarter2008 13 5 Starlight Glimmer the teacup :iconbrianchoobrony-artie:BrianChooBrony-Artie 17 0
First Impressions: Little Mermaid
Yeah this may sound strange but I have never seen the Little Mermaid. From what I can gather, it's one of the most popular Disney films. And I'm glad that I finally saw it. Yeah I enjoy the movie. I mainly watched it because my one buddy convinced me to watch it: :iconyodajax10:
Let's see, I enjoyed "Under the Sea." Sebastian is hilarious. XD Ursula is a great villain. One of the best Disney villains out there. Probably best female villain. (Yes I know she technically become a "Giantess" but I'm not that interested in that.) I have no idea why I never watched this movie before for the record.
I heard that this movie has 2 sequels. Are they any good?
For this, the music was definitely the best part. Even for 1989, this was impressive.
So yeah, I think this was a good movie.
StarlightGGiantess5, Homestuckbrony3, Rebeccah or Ryan, out. :D
:iconstarlightggiantess5:StarlightGGiantess5 4 2
Brawl in the Family Review
Dear Loud House Team,
My name is AstonLevy, I am 22 years old and I love your show very very much. I like Lincoln a lot and Lola is my favourite Loud sibling… I love your cartoon’s innocence, I love its amazing Charlie Brown meets Family Circus art style, I love the comedy and the show’s ability to be funny, heartwarming and sincere.
I appreciate how your show isn’t about Lincoln and his 10 sisters but about living and adapting to life with such a huge family. The show has done many great things and I’m glad that your show has led to a new creative renaissance from Nickelodeon.
I love a lot of the episodes you guys make but I recently saw an episode called Brawl in the Family…
I only have one question to ask you about that episode…
Love, AstonLevy… XOXOXOXOXO
P.S. No, seriously, how did this happen? I can’t believe that a show this good made an episode like this… What
:iconastonlevy:AstonLevy 12 40


Fun Fact: I've only ever seen the first episode of Assy McGee exactly once. I've never forgotten about that show since.
I had a feeling the Cars 3 teaser was a lie.
Well, I'm off work tomorrow, so you might be getting that Dipper Goes to Taco Bell reading tomorrow!

....Truth be told, I think I'd rather read this than Pearl's Nasty Clam. 101 dalmatians of no.
I don't know what's worse: That season 3 of Young Justice had to go to a streaming service, or the possibility that the live-action Teen Titans series might resemble Teen Titans Go!

DAC Diary: The Rescuers
Out of all the two Rescuers movies, this is the one that ironically gets remembered the most. Whenever anyone says the title, the first, and more often than not, only one that comes immediately to mind is the one with the little girl and the diamond. I say that that's ironic because whereas the sequel is awesome, this one is....really boring.

There are elements of fun adventure that pop up here and there, like a motorboat chase and trying to find a valuable diamond before the villain does. If it had more focus on those elements, I think the movie would have been a lot more fun. But sadly, this movie isn't entirely focused on that. Instead, it has the little girl as a big part of the focus, and the girl herself, while not annoying per se, is just not that interesting.

The Rescuers themselves have a few amusing moments, but they don't really do anything that help to make them stand out that much. Most of the side characters are along those same lines. But thankfully, the villain and her two crocodiles are the highlight of the whole film, if only because their presence helps them stand out. The voice performance for Madame Medusa makes her pretty entertaining to listen to and watch.

When the movie focuses on the villains and the adventure elements when they do pop up, it can be fun. But the majority of this movie is just very dull. I'm sure it has an audience, but I was never one to really get into it.

Now, the sequel, on the other hand....well, I'll get to that when I get to it.
The first Kingsman was incredible, and this one looks even better. :D

Well, I didn't get to watch Watchmen: Ultimate Cut, mainly due to the amount of time it would take. But I did decide to watch Big Hero 6 again.

My opinion has not changed on it in the slightest.
Unpopular Opinion:

I love the first few hours of Kingdom Hearts II.
Either today or tomorrow, I'll be watching Watchmen: Ultimate Cut. I've only seen the theatrical version of Watchmen, so hopefully, this version is just as awesome.
Wow. Who knew that Flurry Heart of all ponies would get some development? I mean, she's a frickin' baby!

But anyway, when I heard about this episode's synopsis and saw the promos for it, I expected this episode to be a superior version of Baby Cakes. This was because Flurry Heart's abilities are notably much more powerful and potent that that of the Cake Twins, so this had the potential to be more fun and add a sort of twist to the typical babysitting story. Thankfully, it managed to exceed my expectations.

One cliche with babysitting stories is that the majority of it is spent on listening to the baby crying while whoever's taking care of them tries to calm them down. This happened with Baby Cakes. This one, however, is more about Flurry Heart trying to create some kind of fun with whatever she finds around her. We very rarely hear her cry, and even when she does, most of it is more of the quiet sniffling rather than the high-pitched wails we'd expect. This makes her antics much more tolerable and more fun.

A lot of the comedy in this episode is really good, mainly from Flurry Heart's antics, but Spike gets some great one-liners and the B-plot is its own strange bit of funny. Said B-plot has Shining Armor and Princess Cadance go to an art museum, and their reactions to the strange art pieces are pretty priceless. And yes, that pun was intentional. ;)

Just from this episode, I get the sense that Flurry Heart will grow up to be a very mischievous pony. One benefit I see with baby characters is getting hints as to what kind of character they'll grow up to be, and this episode is no exception. It's not much, but it does make Flurry Heart a pretty interesting character, even though she's just a baby at this point.

I really like this episode overall. I wouldn't say it's fantastic or anything, but it is a lot of fun. It takes a similar set-up to Baby Cakes and improves upon it with its own clever spins on it. The lesson about not overwhelming yourself just to please everyone is also a very strong one. This is another great episode in the line-up.

Rating: Great
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